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30 minute workouts that burn calories all day

Located in Longview WA, our gym is different from what you would typically expect a gym to be. Our workouts use a combination of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and short rest periods to help your body to burn more calories and incinerate more fat than traditional workouts that might be two or three times as long. Every session is led by an experienced fitness professional with an emphasis on  high energy, challenging workouts, that are also fun, to help you destroy fat and build toned muscle. 



In order to achieve maximal results, the workout needs to be personalized for you. We do just that. Each workout can be tailored to you, the individual. Whether it's your first time in the gym or you're a seasoned gym vet, our trainers will help you to modify every workout so that you can achieve your fitness goals.  


Train Together

It's in our name because it's what we believe in. Working out in a dynamic group setting will make reaching your goals fun, challenging, and motivating. It's like working out with a personal trainer and your friends at the same time. 

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A Better Way To Train


High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a form of interval training, a cardiovascular strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with short recovery periods.  Though there is no universal HIIT session duration, we have structured these intense workouts into 30 minute class times to maximize your results. The scientific research on the proven cardiovascular and metabolic benefits of this style of training continue to be published in abundance.  Check out some of those studies here.


Why Group Training Works


Exercising with others provides a powerful combination of support, accountability, motivation, and even healthy competition!  Every workout can be modified to accommodate individuals of all fitness levels.  You'll find yourself a tribe of like-minded friends in a supportive and motivating environment that must be experienced to be able to appreciate!


A Clean, Functional, High-End Facility

Let's face it! No one wants to train in a dirty gym with worn out equipment.  Freshly remodeled with new equipment and an inviting atmosphere, our facility was designed with everyone in mind.   From the novice gym goer to  the experienced athlete, everyone is welcome.   Located in Longview, Washington, our facility is unlike anything else in the area.    

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Helping to eleminate excuses


Nutritional Guidance

 At Train Together, our staff is prepared to help you with more than exercise.  We understand that healthy lifestyles also require nutritional guidance which is why this service is available to all of our members at no extra charge. 


Childrens playroom.


As parents who love fitness, we know how challenging it can be to get a workout in with children. We have the answer! Your kids will love our play room. With features like a soft foam floor for safety, toys, and television, they will be excited to come hang out. And with features that make parents happy like a hand wash station, and separate restroom, you can feel comfortable bringing them . 

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